Letting Go

I recently saw this image and it spoke volumes to me. I’ve had a lot of things happen over the last 3 years and I’ve let it dictate how things would go and how I would feel, partly grief mixed with depression. My story is a hard one but not as hard as some stories I’ve read from other #YSisters. I was lower than low on my Dad’s birthday August 12th and I let my grief hit me so bad I couldn’t function that day and was in a fog the rest of the week. You see I lost both parents very recently within the last 3 years. My life has changed so drastically since then, yes I’m still grieving and have some rough days but after seeing this graphic I’ve made a choice to stop focusing on what I’ve lost and start focusing on what I have left and the good in my life. This is a decision I have to walk out daily but I know will only make me stronger. Memories still hurt but I need to get past that, my parents were such a huge part of my life. I was so blessed to have them as long as I did, not everyone has had that blessing and it’s one I will cherish. I’m trying to forge on and make new memories for my family, my girls and let them know we are here for them like my parents were there for my brother’s and I. I don’t feel equipped most days so I’m faking it till we make it and hopefully something will stick. So on that note, here’s to a new chapter that is still being written and forged. I’m praying for a happy ending.


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