Sometimes it’s just a tad busy …


ACK! I was planning on blogging daily but it’s been super zany around here lately. This past week we are back into the theater rehearsals for Lorelei, she was cast as Kaa in a local production of Disney’s The Jungle Book with Acting Up Theater Academy (AUTA). She was in High School Musical 2 this summer as a month-long summer camp as well. She LOVED it! She finally found her niche and some awesome theater friends! So excited about this new season in her life.

After her final performance with her cousins, aunts and uncles :)
After her final performance of HSM2 with her cousins, aunts and uncles 🙂
Look how pretty these skies are! The weather was perfect too!
Look how pretty these skies are! The weather was perfect too!

We also went to our first Orlando City Soccer Club game last night! What a blast that was!! I had no clue how much of a fan base it had. I hope we can go to more games. We reconnected with some lifelong friends at the game too which made it even more fun. The sky was amazing last night and the best part is we won!!

I won't say how long we've all known each other! LOL
I won’t say how long we’ve all known each other! LOL Our Victory Selfie!

This week we also had our first “Team WanderLASH” meeting – didn’t have many show up but we had a few and it was great because we were able to answer their questions in depth and talk about the biz. This week we had 2 new team members join! We are definitely growing. This weekend I’ll be headed to Clearwater for Younique’s corporate training called “EmpowerYou” #EmpowerYou2015 I can’t wait to connect with my local Florida #Ysisters on the beach! Really stoked for this event!! I will be sure to blog about it when I get back. I also got my amazing Cloud Nine Collection this week and let’s just say this concealer and liquid foundation are incredible!! I did a video on it, you can see it here.

Stole it from Lorelei!
Stole it from Lorelei!

Lastly and certainly not least I LOVE how my latest #Cre8time #resin project turned out!! I’m falling in LOVE with resin again now have a dedicated “resin cave” or den (not sure which yet) to work in. It’s nice because I can close it off!! To see the entire blog post check it out on Amazing Mold Putty’s blog. I love being on the design team! Follow the blog for some amazing creativity!




Well that’s it for now. As always thanks for reading!! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!



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