Love yourself.

It’s amazing what 3 year olds pick up, our little ray of sunshine is very observant of people’s emotions especially her family. She knows when you’re having a bad day and tells you to be happy. This kid is a giant heart walking around ready to love on anyone. She picked up that our oldest is hard on herself the other day and said, “I love myself but she doesn’t, she needs to love herself.” I thought that was very profound for a 3-year-old. This kid LOVES the movie Inside Out and is always recreating her own versions of the characters in the movie. Hover over each photo to see which emotion she’s portraying for us. Grateful for my friend Jeannie Lee for capturing these photos.

Love this kiddo and our other daughter, I think we need to set a mission to just love on her until she loves herself more! ❤ wish us luck!

So on that note, be sure to LOVE yourself today. You are beautiful just the way you are. Have a great Labor Day!



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