Tour my #Resin Cave!

I was challenged by my Design Team Leader Susan to give a little tour of where the magic happens! 🙂 Here you go! I love this space! Do you have a designated space for your creativity? To see all my resin projects head over to the Amazing Casting Products blog!



Letting Go

I recently saw this image and it spoke volumes to me. I’ve had a lot of things happen over the last 3 years and I’ve let it dictate how things would go and how I would feel, partly grief mixed with depression. My story is a hard one but not as hard as some stories I’ve read from other #YSisters. I was lower than low on my Dad’s birthday August 12th and I let my grief hit me so bad I couldn’t function that day and was in a fog the rest of the week. You see I lost both parents very recently within the last 3 years. My life has changed so drastically since then, yes I’m still grieving and have some rough days but after seeing this graphic I’ve made a choice to stop focusing on what I’ve lost and start focusing on what I have left and the good in my life. This is a decision I have to walk out daily but I know will only make me stronger. Memories still hurt but I need to get past that, my parents were such a huge part of my life. I was so blessed to have them as long as I did, not everyone has had that blessing and it’s one I will cherish. I’m trying to forge on and make new memories for my family, my girls and let them know we are here for them like my parents were there for my brother’s and I. I don’t feel equipped most days so I’m faking it till we make it and hopefully something will stick. So on that note, here’s to a new chapter that is still being written and forged. I’m praying for a happy ending.

Sometimes it’s just a tad busy …


ACK! I was planning on blogging daily but it’s been super zany around here lately. This past week we are back into the theater rehearsals for Lorelei, she was cast as Kaa in a local production of Disney’s The Jungle Book with Acting Up Theater Academy (AUTA). She was in High School Musical 2 this summer as a month-long summer camp as well. She LOVED it! She finally found her niche and some awesome theater friends! So excited about this new season in her life.

After her final performance with her cousins, aunts and uncles :)
After her final performance of HSM2 with her cousins, aunts and uncles 🙂
Look how pretty these skies are! The weather was perfect too!
Look how pretty these skies are! The weather was perfect too!

We also went to our first Orlando City Soccer Club game last night! What a blast that was!! I had no clue how much of a fan base it had. I hope we can go to more games. We reconnected with some lifelong friends at the game too which made it even more fun. The sky was amazing last night and the best part is we won!!

I won't say how long we've all known each other! LOL
I won’t say how long we’ve all known each other! LOL Our Victory Selfie!

This week we also had our first “Team WanderLASH” meeting – didn’t have many show up but we had a few and it was great because we were able to answer their questions in depth and talk about the biz. This week we had 2 new team members join! We are definitely growing. This weekend I’ll be headed to Clearwater for Younique’s corporate training called “EmpowerYou” #EmpowerYou2015 I can’t wait to connect with my local Florida #Ysisters on the beach! Really stoked for this event!! I will be sure to blog about it when I get back. I also got my amazing Cloud Nine Collection this week and let’s just say this concealer and liquid foundation are incredible!! I did a video on it, you can see it here.

Stole it from Lorelei!
Stole it from Lorelei!

Lastly and certainly not least I LOVE how my latest #Cre8time #resin project turned out!! I’m falling in LOVE with resin again now have a dedicated “resin cave” or den (not sure which yet) to work in. It’s nice because I can close it off!! To see the entire blog post check it out on Amazing Mold Putty’s blog. I love being on the design team! Follow the blog for some amazing creativity!




Well that’s it for now. As always thanks for reading!! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


What are you grateful for?

Hey all!

Sometimes it’s little things that help keep you going on a daily basis, today I’m grateful for a few things so I’d thought I’d share and also introduce a little bit of my art since I haven’t posted any yet.

One of the last mixed media pieces I created last year.
One of the last mixed media pieces I created last year.

This is simply called “Gratitude” – hummingbirds are often associated with gratitude, this is one of my favorite pieces from last year. I have cards and prints available as well as the original still listed here.

Here are some detail shots.

IMG_8438 IMG_8437

I’m also grateful I FINALLY had my first PSL of the season today! What is a PSL? Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks 🙂


Also grateful that my youngest will definitely be prepared for preschool next year at this rate, she needed very little help writing happy birthday this morning on her birthday cake drawing.

So proud of my Lily she'll be ready for preschool next year at this rate!
So proud of my Lily!

I’m also grateful for HAPPY MAIL! Look what came today!! Palette #3, brush, lip stick and a 3D+! Love happy mail day!


Also very grateful for not having to sit in the school car line anymore, my daughter gets to walk with a friend and I can avoid the entire situation! Friends are awesome!! See it’s the little things, tomorrow I will start over and find new little things to be grateful for. Tell me what you’re happy about today!

PS! This just in I don’t have to cook tonight, we’re going out! I’m VERY GRATEFUL!


Love this stuff!! Have you tried it?

I have short puny little lashes! This 3D+ gives me so much bang for the buck! So happy I found it. Look what it does for my eyes. I feel like I have bigger eyes and they now show up better. I have hooded eyes which I fully intend on fixing with my Uplift Eye Serum, the mascara helps it look less hooded like my lashes are reaching out saying, “we’re here!” Have you tried this mascara, comment below, I’d love to hear if you have?

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Love yourself.

It’s amazing what 3 year olds pick up, our little ray of sunshine is very observant of people’s emotions especially her family. She knows when you’re having a bad day and tells you to be happy. This kid is a giant heart walking around ready to love on anyone. She picked up that our oldest is hard on herself the other day and said, “I love myself but she doesn’t, she needs to love herself.” I thought that was very profound for a 3-year-old. This kid LOVES the movie Inside Out and is always recreating her own versions of the characters in the movie. Hover over each photo to see which emotion she’s portraying for us. Grateful for my friend Jeannie Lee for capturing these photos.

Love this kiddo and our other daughter, I think we need to set a mission to just love on her until she loves herself more! ❤ wish us luck!

So on that note, be sure to LOVE yourself today. You are beautiful just the way you are. Have a great Labor Day!


Addiction can be Beautiful

20's and 41

I will be 42 in October … EEEEEK … not sure how that’s even possible. My life has gone by at the speed of light since having kids, it needs so slow DOWN! All my life I’ve had a love/hate relationship with makeup. I remember going to the store and getting so excited about finding a new lipstick, eyeshadow and the BEST foundation. I would quickly snatch the up and go pay for them to get home and find out the colors looked awful on me!! I was so bummed that I couldn’t return it and swap it out. I ended up with a bin of makeup products that just sat there because I didn’t want to just throw it out. I thought if I held on to it for years it would magically look ok on me. I was so wrong.

Fast forward to 2014 …

I fell head over heels in LOVE with makeup!! What the heck? What changed? I found amazing products that not only worked for me, helped my skin clear up (I still get blemishes which is a cruel joke at this age) and made me feel confident even in my 40’s. I no longer feel like that frumpy, frazzled mom we stay-at-home-mom’s tend to get labeled, well let me tell you I believed I was that for many years until I found my newest addiction of makeup. It has given me a new found confidence and I want to share it with everyone. I mean I dyed my hair purple 2 times in the last year … I don’t care if people think I’m too old for it. Age is just a number. I’m very happy with my addiction. Do you think I ever thought I’d be a #selfie taking mama? HECK NO, but I am and I’m learning so much about myself and the meaning of what beauty really is! I’ll take confidence over beauty mags any day. I will be sharing many posts about makeup here. I do represent a brand but to me it’s more about how it makes me feel and I want to share it with everyone. Check out this Addiction!

So you women my age or older it’s not too late to find that non-frumpy mojo!! It’s out there and it’s waiting for you!!!

Now go put your hair in a bun, put lipstick on and ROCK your day even if it’s in yoga pants just around the house!!



Hello blogging, I’ve missed you!

It's a selfie, get used to it ;)
It’s a selfie, get used to it 😉

Life sure has a funny way of running you ragged and not slowing you down. I’ve let my life do this to me and in trying to get some normalcy again I’ve decided to blog. I’m starting over completely fresh with a new blog, my old blog has long been abandoned. My life has been a whirlwind for the last 3 years and I’ve been through many hardships, I’m older, wiser, mushier and I’m trying to love my new normal as much as I possibly can. This blog is a way for me to get my feelings out, share what I love, meet some new people and be genuine. I’m hoping it becomes sort of a daily journal for me. I know you’re thinking, why would you want your daily journal to be so public? Well for one thing it keeps me accountable to do what I say I’m going to do, it also helps me reach out and meet new people and to share my life. It’s easy to hide your life in a little book on the shelf, I’m an open book and I need something new to spark some joy/creativity in my life.

So hello all! I’m really looking forward to getting to know you.

BTW you can call me Mazer if you like.